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Hold On, Pray Everyday is a lifestyle brand created after the tragic sudden loss of my beautiful daughter Savannah Nicole.

On July 15th, 2015, Savannah entered this world with complications and she fought every day for 11 months until she passed on July 1st, 2016. During these 11 months, she overcame so much and made us extremely proud. We never left her side and never gave up on her. Through this difficult time, we learned the power of prayer and the true meaning of Hope.

Our Mission is to encourage those going through difficult times to be faithful in prayer and never lose hope.

Built into the word hope is an anchor. The anchor is seen as a symbol of hope, for its ability to hold on and remains firm and stable even during the most stormy waters.

In this world filled with so many different cultures, beliefs, point of views, and opinions, there's one thing that we all share and that's the ability to Hope.

Hope for change. Hope for love. Hope for the best.

So when times get tough and you think there's nothing else,